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Music Meme by The-Caretaker Music Meme by The-Caretaker
This was pretty damn fun. I was anticipating which song would come next. It was a great exercise, and it got me some of my artistic drive back. By the way, I cheated because if I were to actually spend the length of the song sketching and only that long, it would be only half sketched and really ugly. I am a person of detail and I’m OCD. It has to look decent or I’ll have a crap fit. xD

Song 1: Shiver - Coldplay
this was really not the song I expected to hear when I put my Zen on shuffle. xD But it fit the theme well so there you go. When I heard it come on, this was my first thought. Sasha’s on duty far away from home and Stitch misses her. Awwwh.
In other news, fail Stitch is fail.

Song 2: Don’t You Evah - Spoon
I love this song; it’s one of my favorites. Also unexpected. I didn’t have enough time to finish the concept I was trying to get across. Not entirely happy with this one. When I thought of this song in relation to Moskau I thought of K’Mar because she’s such an upbeat, generally happy person. It was supposed to be her and Tonn laughing as they stroll down the corridor.

Song 3: Falls Apart - Hurt
Ah, was secretly hoping this song would come up. At first I didn’t know what to sketch but then I got great inspiration. An enemy vessel boarded the ship and Stoo got shot. Meeka rushed to his side as he’s grimacing in pain. Meeka stays by him until the medical team arrives. :’C
[I am defiantly making this into a full picture.]

Song 4: This Is My Rifle- Combichrist
The perfect rebound song from the last. Time for revenge! Head for the weapons locker and grab yourself a phaser, set it to kill. Time to clear the decks of enemy scum! No one takes over Moskau and lives to tell the tale!

Song 5: Teardrop – Massive Attack
I couldn’t leave you with such a sad scene could I? Meeka rejoicing to see Stoo is okay. Dr Y’Vael fixed him up good as new. All that’s left is to rest until his body can repair the rest and recover from shock. C:

Song 6: Carmela – Criss Angel
I donno this song caught me by surprise on what to draw, once again. But then I thought of super serious Sasha commanding the great vessel Moskau! >:U! The Captain means serious business.

Song 7: Saskia Hamilton - Ben Folds
LOL this song. All I could think of was Tom running through the halls calling out Saskia’s name. xD This doesn’t hardly look like Tom, not too happy with this one either, but then again I was too busy laughing at the mental image I had. Oh Tom…

Song 8: mOBSCENE- Marilyn Manson
Oh man, this song screamed Aybarry. I am immensely happy with the outcome of this sketch; I might clean it up and finish it as a more detailed, better colored picture. I love it so. ~

Song 9: It Was Mine - AFI
Another Meeka and Stoo picture. I’m making this one into a full picture as well because I loved the concept so much. Meeka and Stoo hide in the storage bay while some Jem’Hadar soldiers storm the ship, clearing anyone in their way. Meeka and Stoo were supposed to be holding each other but I ran out of space to depict that. Oh well, it will be better on the detailed full picture.

Song 10: Firetruck - Smosh
Lol nothing much to say about this one. All I could see was Sasha screaming Firetruck [comic style!] xD

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Kuroyo19 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Love Sasha's expression in Song 6~
The-Caretaker Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Serious Sasha is serious.
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